Ken DeHaas
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My name is Ken DeHaas. I was born in Elmira, New York on St. Patrick’s Day, 1951. I wanted to be a United States Marine from very early on in my life. Knew all the verses of The Marine Corps Hymn when I was but 8 or 9 years old. My life long desire was realized on 25 May 1969. My high school principal was a retired Marine and agreed to graduate me early as long as I passed all of my final exams. I did, barely. My Mom received my high school diploma while I was at Parris Island recruit depot.
(9) MarBks NB Chasn-Honorable Discharge
      25 May 1972
Most of us Nam Marines were very fond
of the saying:        
            "DON’T MEAN NOTHIN’
          30 plus years later I think
              "IT MEANS BEAUCOUP"

                    and SISTERS*
            Walk Safe and as always,
               SEMPER FI, Ken---Out
Here is the history of my USMC service:

(1) First Battalion-Platoon 182-Parris Island
     9 June 1969 to 2 August 1969
(2) First ITR-Camp Geiger, NC-4 August 1969
(3) CommElecScolBn. MCRDDep, San Diego
      MOS 2533 radio telegraph operator.
     10 October 1969 to 9 Jan. 1970
(4) H&S Co. 2nd Anti Tank Bn. 2nd MarDiv,  FMF       4 Feb. 1970 to 16 June 1970
(5) 1st  Force Recon Co. (Rein) FMF - Vietnam
      2533 radio telegraph operator.
      28 June 1970 to 16 August 1970
(6) H&S Co. 2ndBn, 1stMar, 1stMarDiv(Rein),      
      FMF-Vietnam-TAC Party)14) radio operator    
      17 August 1970 to 14 March 1971
(7) Comm Co, 2ndBn, MCB, MCDEC, Quantico-Riot              control training   23 April 1971 to 04 May 1971
(8) Marine Barracks, San Juan P.R. - Guard
     16 May 1971 to 20 May 1972