Minutes of the 2017 Reunion Business Meeting

Vietnam Veterans of 2nd Battalion 1st Marines
Sunday November 12, 2017
Arlington, Virginia

Officers:        Trustees:
Philip D. Leslie, President Vin Burdziuk (Webmaster)
Lansdale B. Williams, Vice President       Timothy Dunn
Benjamin L. Dickson, Secretary        Bruce Oliver
Mario A. Sagastume, Treasurer        Jose Perez
               Jesse Tipton

The Annual Membership Meeting of the Vietnam Veterans of the 2nd Battalion 1st Marines (VV 2/1 or Association) was Called to Order by President Philip D. Leslie, following which, he led the assembly in the Pledge of

In attendance were all the Officers and Trustees of VV 2/1 and 100 members of the Association.

President Philip D. Leslie – Opening Comments. Phil noted to the assembly how much we have grown! He noted that the response to this reunion has exceeded all expectations and that he and the Board glad to see everyone.

Vice President Lansdale B. Williams – Comments.  Dale welcomed the membership, especially the new
attendees.  He reminded the members that purchasing bricks for our memorial site through the association economically helps VV 2/1 with reduced costs and guarantees that the brick will be placed at the memorial and not randomly throughout the memorial park.   Dale noted the positive response on table reservations for the annual banquet, which will be continued as long as it works well.
Treasurer Mario A. Sagastume gave the Treasurer’s Report.  VV 2/1 is solvent with a small cash reserve in a dedicated VV 2/1 bank account.  VV 2/1 uses September 30th as its fiscal year-end date. The Association will make its annual IRS filing on a Form 990 EZ Report.  Any member is welcome to look at the books of the Association upon request. A motion was made and seconded to accept the Secretary’s Report.  The motion was unanimously accepted by the membership.

Secretary Benjamin L. Dickson gave the Secretary’s Report. The report was the 2016 Membership Meeting Minutes.  Dickson reminded the membership that the minutes will be on the Association’s web site for all to view.  The 2016 Membership Meeting Minutes were accepted by proclamation by the membership.

Webmaster Vin Burdziuk – Communications Report.  Vin gave an overview of our web site visits (636,000) and the ability to post photographs, citations, stories, etc. on our web site.  Vin also noted that the “Get Well” card
program started by Phil Odom is still going strong.  Send information along about ill or infirm members, as well as members who have passed.  Sadly, this year, Doc Byars passed away.

Membership/Registration – Gary Gordon.   Gary reminded the membership about the importance of keeping the Association informed about address/contact changes in order to keep our membership
informed of upcoming events.

Hospitality Room – Jesse Tipton. Jesse introduced himself to the membership as the new Hospitality Room Manager for our reunions.  Jesse told the members he will build on what Mike Valdez established over the years and asked the members to bring their suggestions to him.


As required by VV 2/1’s By-Laws, elections must be held annually for expiring terms or resignations of officers and trustees.  Candidates serve for various lengths of office and are expected to fund their own expenses while on Association business.  The election results are:

Secretary – Ben Dickson decided to “retire” after long and excellent service as secretary.  Tim Dunn was elected VV 2/1’s secretary.

Trustee – Bruce Oliver’s term as trustee was extended for another term.  Newly-elected trustees are Doc Paul Stein (Golf 68-69) and Wayne Thornton (Fox 70-71).

All candidates received unanimous votes of approval from the members.

New Business


Phil opened a discussion about moving the reunion dates from November annually to other months so we may visit other cities during more moderate temperature periods.  There was a general consensus that moving dates and locations seem to be a good idea.

Dale gave an overview of the reunion dates and locations for the next five years.
2018 – November.  New Orleans
2019 – November.  San Diego
2020 – Open.  Suggestions are being considered.  Let us know what you think.
2021 – Washington, DC.  Jun/Jul/Aug?  Sunset Parade season.
2022 – Florida.  Suggest a city.  Nov/Jan/Feb?

This is an opportunity for all members to consider locations and months for future reunions.  Send your thoughts along.


Several members brought proposals to the assembly to petition for donations.

Corpsman Memorial at Camp Johnson in the Camp Lejeune Base.  Doc Ron Bobele (Echo 69-70) petitioned the membership for a one-time donation of $2,500.00 to support this memorial project for corpsmen.
Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans.  Paul Mangan (Fox 65-66) petitioned the membership for a one-time donation of $1,000.00 to support this shelter for homeless Midwest veterans.  Vin Burdziuk sought to amend this proposal to an annual donation of $1,000.00.  Paul agreed to amend his proposal and support Vin’s amended proposal.

Marine Corps Scholarship Fund.  Jim Roos (Golf 67) petitioned the membership for a one-time donation of $1,000.00 to support the scholarship fund which provides education benefits to the children of fallen and wounded Marines.

A voluble, but supportive discussion by the membership ensued.  Fortunately, with parliamentarian guidance from MgySgt Frank Odzimowski, the three petitions became one voting package.  The membership voted unanimously for the proposals which committed VV 2/1 to a $2,500.00 donation to the Corpsman Memorial, a recurring $1,000.00 donation to the Midwest Shelter, and a $1,000.00 donation to the Marine Corps Scholarship Fund.


Phil closed with a brief overview for the 2018 reunion in New Orleans and wished everyone smooth sailing as we concluded for VV 2/1’s Membership Meeting 2017… Semper Fi, Tim Dunn 2/1 Secretary