Jack Horner, he served with Golf Co., 3rd platoon from Sept/October 66' through at least May '67.


He wound up making a career in the Navy, but got out around 1996.  His daring bravery and heartfelt

compassion for all "his marines"  touched us all.


He was extremely upset the first time he "lost" a casualty.  The Marine stepped on a mine and was

torn up in his lower torso - but still fairly stable  - when the medevac took him out.  He passed away

over night and we found out the next day and Jack was devastated.


He did all he could and did a great job in the field. Got the bleeding pretty much stopped and had him

calmed down and responsive but you just can't tell sometimes. 


Jack sold and built log homes in Colorado (and was doing "FINE").  It was nice to see that some good

guys finished FIRST!!!!!


Jack passed away September 26, 2008 in Colorado from a brain tumor. He passed from this world as he
lived in this world - with quiet dignity and courage. He was so proud to have been one of our corpsman,
but never thought he was tough enough to be a "Marine".


I assured him many times that he was as much a Marine as any man I ever knew - and he was as all our

Corpsman were of course! 


He left behind his beautiful wife, Dixie, and three (maybe four) children.  I wanted everyone to know

(even though I'm a bit late with the notification) but Jack had many friends who I'm sure want to know.


If anybody wants to contact me I can put you on touch with Dixie... my email is: bossgobbler@optonline.net                   


Semper Fi,  Gary Williams Golf 3rd Plt Machine Gunner 66-67.