'Doc' Adams still helping his Marines!

Countless Marine lives were saved through countless heroic acts by our Corpsmen. The value of these heroes has been told and re-told by grateful Marines everywhere. So it should come as no surprise that one of our own, Bob 'Doc' Adams, has continued to serve his Marines.

Since coming home from the 'Nam, Bob chose a career as a Psychotherapist in Chicago, his home city. Over the years, he has helped many people to deal with problems that often can be overwhelming.

Many of these have been Marines and other Vietnam Vets who have had difficulty putting the horrors of war behind them. Some of these have been his own 2/1 Marines. For this reason, Bob has fostered a plan to reach out as far and wide as possible to offer a way to help. Even if someone wants to just 'just talk things out', he wants to be available to listen. If he cannot directly assist someone, his wealth of experience provides an unparalleled bank of resources to which he can direct a person to find what he/she needs.

Bob has established a toll free telephone number for people to call when they are wrestling with stress and pressures that they aren't equipped to handle themselves. He will also be on a beeper so that people can call anytime the need is upon them.

We encourage our brothers to call Doc Adams when they need help or advice. All communications will be held in the strictest of confidence. Sometimes, we all need a friend we can talk to. As Marines, we know we can always trust our Corpsmen. They have been tested time and time again and have always passed with flying colors.

2/1 applauds Doc Adams for his most unselfish act. The Board of Trustees of 2/1 have voted to make a donation to Doc to help him continue his good work. We encourage our brothers and sisters to call Doc with any issues that trouble them. Call him at 1-888-919-4255

Thanks, Doc, for continuing to take care of your Marines!