February 1, 2019

Brothers, family, and friends of  Vietnam Veterans of 2 /1

First, thanks to the Officers and Trustees for their continued management of the organization.  We, as an association are doing very well in all categories.  However we could not do this without the continued support of all our members.

The 2018 Reunion was held in New Orleans area, in the town of Kenner, LA.  I remember when NOLA was first proposed several years ago, there were some who were adamantly opposed to the site because of crime.  To date, I have not heard of any such issues.
However, we now have an on-site resource in the NOLA area, Ramona Ratcliff, sister of Top Ski who is ready to assist us with securing a more centrally located hotel in the greater NOLA area.  Although we had contracted with the reunion hotel before we were aware of Ramona, she was instrumental in the success of the annual dinner; she provide all of the table center pieces.  Thank You Ramona.

This year we head back to San Diego.  However, as I understand it, 2d Bn 1st Marines will be afloat and not at Camp Pendleton during our reunion.  The Officers and Trustees will assemble early in this year at the reunion hotel to meet with hotel management and plan the reunion schedule and events.  We will publish those plans in the newsletter following our mid-year planning meeting.

Vice President Dale Williams stepped down as VP at the reunion.  Dale had major heart surgery recently and needs less stress in his life.  Thanks to Dale for all he has contributed starting with the design and placement of our memorial in Quantico.  Because of that change, Secretary Tim Dunn moved into the VP position and Tony Gilroy was nominated and accepted the position of Secretary. 

I salute our Offices and Trustees, for without their dedicated involvement and commitment, none of these things would have occurred.

Wishing all a wonderful, happy, and successful 2019.

Semper Fidelis, Phil Leslie
Golf Company 1968-1969

Presidents Message from the Battalion CP