January 1, 2017

Brothers, family, and friends of  Vietnam Veterans of 2 /1

Brothers and friends of Vietnam Veterans of 2/1.  It has been a full 1st year as president.  Not a day goes past that there is not something to respond to or attend to.  The biggest event was, of course the Reunion in San Antonio, TX.  That lasted but a few days, but the planning and prep consumed almost the full year.  VP Dale Williams got General Mike Hagee, 33rd Commandant of the Marine Corps as guest speaker.  And what a inspiring 15 minute talk he gave at the dinner.  See VP Dale
Williams article on how General Hagee changed the sequence of events at the dinner.  And thanks once again to Bruce Oliver for the ceremony script and for assisting Trustee Jose Perez with ceremony music.

Thanks to Trustee Tim Dunn for organizing our trip to the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, TX.

Thanks to Dan Kellum for organizing the trip to New Braunfels, Tx for the Wurstfest as well as the participation of the New Braunfels HS JROTC for their participation in the banquet [cake escorts].

Thanks to all the officers, Trustees, and especially the members for making this another successful year.

We provided a NCO of the Year plaque to the Second Battalion, 1st Marines which is displayed in the Command CP.  In addition, V V 2/1 provided the NCO of the Year with an NCO sword.  Thanks to Tim Stanton, our Southern California representative to 2d Battalion 1st Marines and Treasurer Mario Sagastume on this event.

Mike Valdez has almost single handedly organized and managed to hospitality room for the past 12 years.  Well, Mike decided it was time to ˜retire" from this self imposed duty.  We were so use to him having the adult beverages and snacks galore that it was a given that the hospitality room would be the central gathering point for members. To be honest, Mike had some help from his wife, Norma.  So, Mike, and Norma, we'll miss you both.

Jesse Tipton from H&S 65-66 has volunteered to take over the hospitality room and was voted in by the membership for a 4 year term as trustee. Also Jose Perez, Tom Isenburg had been re-elected to 4 year terms and Mario Sagastume will be our Treasurer for 4 more years.

HELP WANTED:  A member or members who are willing to come to the reunions a day early and stay a day over.  To purchase from local stores sufficient beer, wine, soda, snacks, be up at zero dark thirty to ensure the coffee is on, ice is in the cooler, etc, etc.  If you are interested in taking on this assignment in helping out, contact me or Jesse Tipton.

In 2017 we will meet again at the Holiday Inn Rosslyn [just across the Potomac River from DC.  Put these dates on you calendar:  Tuesday 11/07 thru Monday 11/13.  Banquet Sunday 11/12.  All rooms $93 + 13.25% tax [$105.32 / night].

We are planning a day trip to Quantico and the MC Museum / our monument; viewing the Marine Corps Ceremony at the Iwo Jima  Monument and a rededication of Battle Streamers ceremony [location to be determined].

Semper Fi, Phil Leslie
Presidents Message from the Battalion CP