JUNE 2019

Members, Family and Friends of 2/1

Since the inception of V V 2/1, which started to take its present form at the time of the Vietnam Wall dedication, we were designated as a 501(c])(3) non-profit by the IRS. Our standards and by-laws were established and since then the officers and trustees [staff] have matured into a competent and dedicated working group. The organization has matured. 

Initially, the President ruled with almost dictatorial authority. The other Officers and Trustees deferred all final decisions to the President. That was not the fault of anyone, it was just that there was no rule book for the staff to adhere to. Over time the staff has taken on more responsibility and authority.  I do not believe that the President should make all the final decisions. I can make the yea’s or nay’s.  But I believe the responsibility for the recommendations should come from the staff.  We have 9 voting Board members and one non-voting adviser / liaison. 

Therefore, I have proposed the following for the functions of the Officers / Trustees to allow them to work as a team and have more overall responsibility for the routine and special functions of V V 2/1. [Think of this as a Battalion staff].

President [CO].  Responsible for everything that occurs or does not occur.  Vice President [XO].  The Vice President is the principal staff officer and has executive management for direction and coordination of routine and special assignments, and ensures efficient and timely staff actions. 

All other Officers and Trustees function as Special Staff Officers in their respective positions / responsibilities.  They normally receive direction from the Vice President and report to the Vice President on routine matters and assignments.  However, each is also responsible for the specific office to which elected / assigned / assumed.

I envision this approach to foster a closer working relationship among all of the Officers / Trustees such that several work together on issues or projects.  An example was when several worked with Gary on the Reunion Registration form.

Bruce provided materials for Jose on the flag display, guidons, and ceremonial music.  Jesse receives assistance in the functioning of the hospitality room. [It would be great if he had someone or several - assisting throughout the planning and set up / tear down; not just during the reunion which does not require an officer / trustee.]

Working together from start to completion adds depth to our ability to maintain what we have accomplished and to improve it. This is how it should be. I believe we can do more together than as individuals.

Semper Fidelis, Phil Leslie
Golf Company 1968-1969

Presidents Message from the Battalion CP