February 1, 2018

Brothers, family, and friends of  Vietnam Veterans of 2 /1

I Phil Leslie the Officers and Trustees [The Board] sincerely wish all a new year filled with great health, family, friends, and spirit.  And speaking of years, 2/1 sailed for Vietnam 53 years ago, this year.  

Where has the time gone?  And, this past year really went quick;  here and gone in a blink.

The 2017 Reunion at Holiday Inn Key Bridge, Rosslyn VA was well attended as we had 26 room nights [1 free room night for every 40 room nights booked = 1040 nights ].  Plus we had 15 overflow rooms at the Marriott just down the street [no room night credit for these nights].
The Board learned a lesson on the Hospitality Room supply system.  Stock up Big Time on day one!  Several of us spent some part of each day heading to the Ft Meyer PX or Costco to purchase adult beverages and snacks.  Mike Valdez had this down to a science.  He stocked up big time on day one; lesson Learned!

Although the next DC reunion is not scheduled until 2021, your Board will start doing research on hotels in the DC area.  The Holiday Inn has been a mainstay for many many years, but we still need to check out other options to get the best we can for our members and guests.  In the past, the Holiday Inn had a contract proposal for the next reunion ready for signatures.

However, this year, the management was silent on this when asked about a future contract.  We will scour the area for another hotel close to transportation and restaurants.

The Board is now in the planning stages for the 2018 Reunion which will be held at the Crown Plaza Hotel, 2829 Williams Blvd, Kenner, LA during the period Thursday, 8 Nov thru Monday 12 November.   Rooms are available at our rate of $119 with breakfast for 2 included.  Also there is no daily parking fee [$20 / day] for our members. 

The Board will meet at the hotel sometime this Spring / early Summer to hash out the nitty gritty details with the hotel staff as well as look over sight seeing opportunities.  Secretary Tim Dunn and I visited the hotel mid 2017.
The one venue that we believe all members would enjoy is the National World War Two Museum.  We will try to obtain reduced ticket prices as well as provide bus transportation to and from the museum.
( www.nationalww2museum.org ). 

The New Orleans Saints home game schedule is not out yet. See you in New Orleans 

Semper Fi, Phil Leslie
Golf Company 1968-1969

Presidents Message from the Battalion CP