Oscar A. Slone


Doc Slone was in Golf Company in 1966 from about March to November. He was

either a HN or an HM3 at the time.


When Doc's tour was over he eventually reported to his next duty station

and found out that he had been given a battlefield promotion to HM2.


When on a perimeter ambush type patrol sometime in March or April 1966 Doc's 

group was ambushed. Six, including Doc, out of eight were wounded that night,

none seriously. This was in PhuBai, on the airfield side of Highway 1.


When a Battalion of ARVN were passing going south through the airfield, Doc Slone

traded his Seiko watch, worth about Y5,000, for the Battalion Commanders M-2 carbine,

and more ammo with clips than he could count. He just felt safer after that.


Doc began at 2/1, after about two weeks at the BAS, with Fox Company. After the 28

of Feb many went to CAC and Doc Slone went to golf Company.


He remembers going to see Johnny Rivers and Ann Margaret...In the rain no less...

Even in the rain Ann Margaret managed to look good.