Larry "Sandy" Sanderson HM3

2/1 Foxtrot 1965


I was an HM3 with Foxtrot 2-1 when they left the States in '65 bound for Okinawa and other points west. 

Harvest Moon was my first big operation and New York was my last, as that was where I caught a round through

the chest and then spent the next 9 months at USNH Yokosuka. 


I stayed in the Navy for 22 years, retiring as a CPO in '85.  I am originally from Adrian, Michigan, but have resided

in Williamsburg, Virginia since 1969.  I remember the names of all the corpsmen who were in the original F-2-1 that

deployed from Camp Pendleton in '65. 


HM2 Cornelius Van Brunniese was the senior company corpsman.  I was second senior, but spent a lot of time with

all three platoons.  The rest of the corpsmen were HN Bob Greding from California (I believe Bob is a member of the

2-1 association), HN Don Counce from Coos Bay, Oregon, HN Dennis Tallon, from either Kansas or Nebraska,

HN Richard Dork from Chicago, and HN Terry Orr from Warren, Ohio. 


We left the states with another HN, Bruce Dean from Las Vegas, but he left the company and returned home before

we went in-country when his family was killed in an auto accident.  I doubt that there was ever a company that

had that many corpsmen later on in the war.  Archie Williner was one of the Marines that carried me out when I was

wounded and has convinced me to join the 2-1 association and attend the reunion in November. 


Semper Fi,  HMC Larry W. Sanderson USN/RET

                  Williamsburg, Va. 23188