Doc Scotty (AKA - John A. Scott)  HM2


2/1 Foxtrot Platoon Corpsman 1967           


I served with Foxtrot 2-1 as the 2nd Platoon Corpsman starting January 10th, 1967.
Other guy, Jerry Wood? got WIA end of January 1967. From late January till April 23
of 1967. Got medevaced out on the 23rd after Foxtrot kicked off Operation Union I, by
getting almost wiped out assaulting a large treeline where a WHOLE lot of NVA were hiding.
Received a Purple Heart in a Danang hospital from some one star because of the april action.


Came back to RVN in late July and served the rest of my tour with 9th Engineer BN ,based out
of Chu Lai.


Would love to contact some of the guys who were on Hill 185 (Nui Loc Son) with me, especially
Sgt Tommy Tobin. Anybody with Foxtrot in the first part of 67 knows that hill and has some

wild stories!


Doc Scotty (AKA - John A. Scott, HM2/USN, #118-62-94) Active Duty - 6/65-6/69